ISAPRE BANMEDICA is one of the pioneers in private health care in Chile

With more than 20 years in the business, ISAPRE BANMEDICA has forged a strong commitment with its more than 600,000 customers, to whom it offers a wide selection of medical programs for individuals, families or companies. In ISAPRE BANMEDICA you will always find a health care plan that will suit your needs.

ISAPRE BANMEDICA has more than 80 branches throughout Chile, making it the “isapre” (private health care provider) with the largest presence in the country and helping it provide its customers with the best available services.

Always knowing which way the wind blows, Isapre Banmédica is permanently developing new services to better meet customer requirements, and has entered into more than 8,000 agreements with physicians, clinics and medical centers to be able to offer a wide array of alternatives. Also, it has developed for its customers such outstanding benefits as a catastrophic illness coverage, unemployment insurance, a travel assistance service, an ambulatory pharmacy, and a dentistry coverage, among others.

"In Isapre Banmédica you are not alone” is its well-known motto.